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Dated 3-22-2000:
About a Young Bottlenose Dolphin in Virginia.


Orca live
Watch Orca's Live on Cam in the wild when the 2005 season opens soon

Australia's Monkey Mia DolphinCam
Check out the live Dolphins

Buluga Cam
See Mom and Baby Buluga Whale

PandaCam: See Mom and Baby Live

See and Hear Live Northern and Californian Sea LionsAlso hear the Gulls

Peregrine Falcon cam in Cleveland, Ohio: Laying on eggs.

Peregrine Falcon Cam in Columbus Ohio: Falcon on eggs.

Peregrine Falcon Cam in Connecticut: Falcon laying on her eggs.

Eagle Cam

ShamuCam:Come and see Shamu Live at SeaWorld

Elephant Cam: The first ever artificially inseminated African Elephant, Moms name is Kubwa, at the Indianapolis Zoo has given birth to a baby girl March 6, 2000!

Northern Fur Seal Cam: Come and see Mystic Aquaium's Northern Fur Seals Live.

ManateeCam: Come and see some Manatee Live.

Ginger's Exotc Wolfcam: See some Beautiful Wolfs.


Home And Garden T.V.: Where You Can Learn About Gardening And So Much More.

Enter Koi Vet Site: Info. about Koi, Goldfish And A Lot More.

Bengefamily: Please visit my good friend sharon's home page.I would like to Thank her for all the help she has given me! Thank-You Sharon!!!

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MICHAEL MARTIN MARPHY: The Horse Legends Album

Va. Dolphin Lady's Home On The Web

Check out where it is showing in your town.


See them playing in the moon light,
watch them dancing a song.

Have they cared for each other?
There is no question of course,
they deserve to be treasured as a source of love.

In their minds there are answers,
and in time we will know,
what the truth is about of what all we don't know.

They have no rule for hatred,
though they have suffered much pain.

"From the race we call human, we are afraid a lot."

If I can only help to ride on with my dolphin song,
then I have lived what I was set out to do.

If I can only make one man a will, one passing care,
then I fulfilled what I promised to.

Let us hope it is not too late,
and that we can mend all the pain we have inflicted on a friend.

We were born with a freedom,
we were born with a truth,
why then we abuse if we could choose to love.
by:Olivia Newton-John

My son is a artist and he made me this License Plate for my Birthday last year 2000. He tried to add Va. but he said it wouldn't look right.
Hello Welcome to my webpage. My name is Coleen I hope you enjoy your vist. I have added PicturesThat I have taken on my Dolphin and Whale Watching Trip
I was surfing the net looking for animal webcams and found one at the Oklahoma City Zoo.I'm Pro and con on Dolphins in captivty. This place brings out the Con in me See Two Dolphins in a very inhumane life.
I'm going to try to update page soon.
Anatomy of the Dolphin.

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